Marianna at the Beach

Marianna Ridley is a lifelong learner who enjoys the challenges of instructional design, human performance improvement, and project management.

Marianna has a B.A. in Psychology from Fordham University, a graduate certificate in Workplace E-Learning and Performance Support (WELPS) from Boise State University, and an M.S. in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) from Boise State University (December, 2014). Marianna is also certified in The Raiser’s Edge® (bCRE).

According to the Myers & Briggs Foundation, Marianna is an ESFJ, which means she is enthusiastic, outgoing, conscientious, organized, and cooperative.

Follow Marianna on Twitter: @MariannaRidley.

Career Summary

  • Strong instructional design professional with proven success developing self-paced and instructor-led training offerings for adult learners.
  • Dedicated performance technologist with experience identifying outcome-based process improvements and mentoring peers in a professional services environment.
  • Gains the confidence of upper management through expertise, knowledge, and judgment.
  • Successes are driven by attention to detail, organizational skills, and relationship management.
  • Key skills include:
    • ADDIE
    • Project management
    • Interdepartmental collaboration
    • Learner-focused design
    • Rapid development
    • Cloud-based deployment
    • Multi-dimensional evaluation methodology
  • Proficient in:
    • Cornerstone OnDemand®
    • Adobe® In Design®
    • Adobe® Captivate®
    • Articulate® Storyline®
    • Microsoft® Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint®
    • Audacity
    • HTML

For more details, view Marianna’s LinkedIn profile.

Marianna’s Top Five StrengthsFinder® Themes

  1. Learner: Has a great desire to learn and wants to continuously improve.
  1. Communication: Finds it easy to put her thoughts into words. Is a good conversationalist and presenter.
  1. Input: Has a craving to know more. Likes to collect and archive all kinds of information.
  1. Achiever: Has a great deal of stamina and works hard. Takes great satisfaction from being busy and productive.
  1. Developer: Recognizes and cultivates the potential in others.

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